What is Conventions Framework?


Designed for Java EE 6(+) developers.

Hot Technology Integration

Conventions is build on top of so called CDI, Hibernate, JSF, Primefaces and EJB technologies.

Servlet Container Interop

Non JavaEE application servers like Tomcat and Jetty are also supported.

Real Testing support

Fully compatible with Arquillian, see archetype project.

True Pagination

Conventions paginator is a injectable component which performs database real pagination on top of primefaces datatable.

Exception Handling

Convert business logic exceptions in primefaces messages/growl and redirect to error page on unnexpected errors.

Security Helpers

Conventions counts on three utility security components: Security method interceptor,security page and security area.


Built in injectable i18n component.

Properties Files

Easy access to .properties files through CDI injection and JSF composite component.

Service layer

Services are used to manipulate entities which are usually represented by a table in a relational database. Conventions comes with injectable, extensible, generic stateless,stateful and custom services based on hibernate to perform database operations on top of an entity.

Bread crumb based beans

Have you ever tried to keep track of user navigation and had hard time? Conventions comes with a primefaces bread crumb based solution to solve this case.

Open Source

Hosted at GitHub, Apache 2.0 licensed Open Source, for your worry-free adoption.

Getting Involved

Contributions are really welcome, fork the project, create issues, give ideas. Any feedback is appreciated.

Easy crud

The framework comes within helper beans that will drive you to fast and easy crud creation.

Example Projects

Conventions Archetype

Sample application showing most of conventions framework features and also fully tested with Arquillian framework

Conventions Archetype Tomcat

Archetype project on top of servlet container

Conventions Showcase

This application shows most of the framework components in separeted uses cases with source code on bottom of each page

Conventions Issuetracker

This application is a simple online issuetracker, it was originated/migrated from a Spring based version(see footer)

Conventions Issuetracker Tomcat

Servlet container(Tomcat) version of Conventions Issuetracker.

Getting started

  • Checkout archetype project at github

  • or generate archetype project from maven archetype with command:

    mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=conventions-archetype

  • or also read this blog about testing which uses Conventions archetype as example app.

Watch getting started video